Nov 22

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Tutorial: How to use Refine Edge to Remove an Image Background [Simple]

There is a lot of method to remove background from an image since the dawn of Photoshop. However ever since CS5 arrived its been even easier to do so.

One of the new features that is quick yet clean to work with is Refine Edges. Introduced in Adobe CS5 this tool really cuts your depatching work in half. Especially when you’re working with both hard and soft edges.

For the Photoshop NOVICE out there, here’s a simple method to crop your home photos and put you on the MOON.. :-)

Below is an instruction video by the man himself Terry White [Adobe Evangelist]

Hope Refine Edges is as much fun for you than it was for me.

If you have any question or unsure of any steps feel free to leave a comment or question below and I’ll do my best to answer it.