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Nov 22

Tutorial: How to use Refine Edge to Remove an Image Background [Simple]

Tweet There is a lot of method to remove background from an image since the dawn of Photoshop. However ever since CS5 arrived its been even easier to do so. One of the new features that is quick yet clean to work with is Refine Edges. Introduced in Adobe CS5 this tool really cuts your …

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Jun 22

For the Flashers Out There – Connecting to Mobile Camera in Adobe Flash

Tweet Here’s a simple but interesting instructional video post by Paul Trani – Adobe Developer Evangelist on how to make a simple App with Mobile Camera functionality. Enjoy

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Jan 17


Tweet You see those advertising for the waterproof and shock proof cameras out there and you think. “Hey does it really work? Can I actually drop it on someone’s head and knock them out?” Well I’m here to tell you “YEP YOU CAN!!!”…. I’m not going to talk about any of the new ones as …

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