Jan 09

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Tutorial: Updating Your PANTONE Libraries for Adobe

Good day one and all. This is the first post of 2012. Hope everyone is having a GREAT New Year just as we are at D.Concept.

BRING ON THE SUN BABY!!!… Summer is finally here.. :-)

Anyway back to business. Here’s a simple one if you don’t already know it.

If you like me work mostly on PANTONE colours you’ll notice that your colour palette is a little out of date in Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign. Your clients giving you colour reference that’s out of your palette’s range???

Well never fear. The fix is just a click away.
Visit www.pantone.com/pages/Pantone/Pantone.aspx?pg=20721&ca=1 and download the installer.

This installs the PANTONE PLUS Digital Libraries to your Adobe CS programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)

That’s it!!! You’ll notice in your colour palette new PANTONE + options. There you have it, your PANTONE palette is up-to-date.

Oh by the way, make sure you install PC if you’re on a Windows machine and MAC for MACs. You know the drill :-)

If there’s any questions leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Cheers… :-)