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Jan 09

Tutorial: Updating Your PANTONE Libraries for Adobe

Tweet Good day one and all. This is the first post of 2012. Hope everyone is having a GREAT New Year just as we are at D.Concept. BRING ON THE SUN BABY!!!… Summer is finally here.. Anyway back to business. Here’s a simple one if you don’t already know it. If you like me work …

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Nov 22

Tutorial: How to use Refine Edge to Remove an Image Background [Simple]

Tweet There is a lot of method to remove background from an image since the dawn of Photoshop. However ever since CS5 arrived its been even easier to do so. One of the new features that is quick yet clean to work with is Refine Edges. Introduced in Adobe CS5 this tool really cuts your …

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Nov 09

Tutorial: Adobe Illustrator Colour Guide [Simple]

Tweet Now this is not a new feature. Actually its quite old. First introduce back in CS3. Having said that it is however a very useful panel to explore. For the designers out there I’m sure we all sat through the boring colour studies back in our collage or uni years. I for one fell …

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Jan 24

What COLOUR are you?

Tweet Blue, black, green, yellow, red or rainbow? So which one represents your branding? Colours are everything. It makes your branding what it is and what you represents. It tells your story and show your emotion and passion. If body language shows who you are, colours is the branding language of your company. Such importance …

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