Nov 09

Tutorial: Adobe Illustrator Colour Guide [Simple]

Now this is not a new feature. Actually its quite old. First introduce back in CS3. Having said that it is however a very useful panel to explore.

For the designers out there I’m sure we all sat through the boring colour studies back in our collage or uni years.

I for one fell a sleep. hahaha. Well never fear because the Colour GUIDE is here for the rescue.

Basically what it is, its a panel that helps you select complimentary colour or show you variant colours based on your selected colour.

It gives you a range of colour that works with your desire colour and it also gives you the option of selecting a more brighter or darker tone if you prefer.

A panel that takes the thinking out of complimentary colours… Who wouldn’t benefit from that!

Below is an instructional video describing the function of the Colour Guide Panel by Adobe Evangelist Rufus Deuchler.

Enjoy! :-)

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Oct 06

Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011) Co-Founder of Apple Inc. is DEAD

Steve Jobs Co-Founder of Apple Inc. has pass away today.
This post is not really to tell you about Steve Jobs life as you can Google that in a click of a button.
This post is purely to express our condolences to the Jobs family and we feel for your lost.

Its definitely has been a tragic lost to the creative and visionary community as Steve has been a great inspiration for all throughout his entire career.

Your legacy will live on in all your creations and your spirit and passion to do better will always inspire us all.

You will be missed Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)

Share your condolences by commenting below.

Steve Jobs RIP  Steve Jobs RIP

Here a video of Steve Jobs Life compiled by WIRED

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Sep 06

Tutorial: Making Transparent Graphic from Illustrator for Powerpoint [Simple]

Here’s a simple tutorial for beginners that want to make cool graphic with transparent background for your Powerpoint to impress your next client, boss, lecturer, teacher, etc…

The below video by Colin Smith uses Adobe Illustrator however the image format (PNG) used is the same if you’re using Photoshop, Fireworks or other similar graphic program. Just make sure you “SAVE AS” the correct format if you’re using other graphic program that is not Adobe Illustrator.

Leave a comment or question below if you like this.


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Aug 25

5 Things You May Not Know About InDesign by Terry White

If you’re starting out with Adobe InDesign you might want to have a look at this video. It might sound easy but I use these technique everyday. Hope this works for you as much as it does for me.

Enjoy… :-)

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Jun 22

For the Flashers Out There – Connecting to Mobile Camera in Adobe Flash

Here’s a simple but interesting instructional video post by Paul Trani – Adobe Developer Evangelist on how to make a simple App with Mobile Camera functionality.

Enjoy :-)

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